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One thing you could do is add an extra line at the end of the text, using black on black contrast.  Screen-readers will read it but people won't see it.  The line might list the wildcard characters and make whatever brief comments you have in mind.  You might want to write out the signs such as with the word asterisk.  But if it is preferable for sighted users to leave the line they would see as it is, this would avoid any degreedation of the site from a sighted user's point of view.

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But I don't believe in altering standard text for screen-readers on a site for the general public.  Maybe, on a site intended only or almost     exclusively for blind people.  I haven't given that any thought.  But when we read books, if a chapter title is in all capitals, we either learn how to deal with it if it causes problems, or we don't.  This sort of thing goes far beyond the requirements of accessibility.  Screen-reader users have a responsibility to know something about the program they are using.  If all caps did cause me a problem, I would look at the line and spell what isn't being pronounced correctly.  You don't build a street so that people who don't know how to drive can drive on it.  You build a street for licensed drivers.  You shouldn't alter text under normal conditions because some blind people may not know how to use their screen-readers. 
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I disagree see my other post. A lot depends on the synth though.

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All caps are not read any differently than any other text.

Devin Prater
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> On Dec 12, 2017, at 12:29 PM, Kwork <istherelife@...> wrote:
> With my punctuation set to some, it pauses on either side of the
> parenthesis. A comma does the same thing, so I would have to guess which
> is a paren and which a comma. Not that big a deal for me. If I really want
> to know, I'll investigate on my own. I don't know about other punctuation
> levels as about all I use is some, so others would be able to answer that
> better.
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> How does the software treat parenthesis (such as this) when it does
> speech? How does it convey to the listener that the comment (possibly
> unimportant) is an aside comment? I need to know so I can understand how
> my audience will hear it, both literally and figuratively.
> Thanks!
> Tonea

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