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Rayn Darren

MAGic is actually better than Zoom Text, has more speech as far as I can remember, but it has the same issue as Jaws, 40 minute mode.


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well, window-eyes is no longer available and Zoomtext is more of a magnification program although it does have some screen reading capability although it is somewhat limited.


However, these changes are recent and big orgs move slowly so this might still be the approved list!


Hope not.


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I went through the approved list of software and found JAWS and Window Eyes and Zoom Text. I know I won’t get JAWS because it is too expensive. You really, really have to justify that much money.


I did put in a request for NVDA on the chance that my copy of approved software is outdated. If it isn’t approved, it doesn’t matter if it is free.


We’ll see what comes of things.




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If the texts are to be packaged as PDF it becomes even more important to have a screenreader as tagging the reading order through a document is very very important.





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