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I have no objection to NVDA not interpreting abbreviations but how numbers are read should be able to be set, as numbers, as digits, or as pairs, as you illustrated.  I thought these choices were going to be added.
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To be honest, the potential for incorrect context is one reason NVDA itself doesn't try to process the intended meaning of text, but leave it to the synthesizer if it wants.  Eg when should "dr" be Doctor, and when should it be "drive"?  Is "st" Saint, or Street?  And when should "1234" be "One, two, three, four" and when should it be "One thousand, two hundred and thirty-four"?

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Hmm we had the inverse of this in another synth not long ago I believe i4e things that were not Mexican were being read as  such.
I hate this sort of abbreviation extension, the  probability that it will malfunction somewhere is very good!

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Subject: [nvda] I can't get NVDA's synthesizer to read Mexican currency as

Using NVDA's Vocalizer, where or how would I make NVDA to read this Mxn$3800 as 3800 Mexican pesos? I ask this because when typing in for instance USD$230 it reads exactly right as I'd like for the Mexican currency to read. I tried putting into the pronounciation dictionary but it didn't work. any ideas?

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