Re: Community advisory/Skype 8 for Desktop (aka Skype Preview): web navigation concepts required, existing nor new Skype app module won't work

Angela Delicata

Hi Joseph,

Thank you so much for useful information: it was me who asked and am happy to have more details on the matter: anyway, if there was the possibility to build an add-on to make it more usable; please do it... It is  a suggestion made by  someone totally ignorant in the field, so  excuse me if I say  stupid things.

actually, I find Skype a bit clumsy.

Thanks again.

Stay well


Angela from Italy

Il 14/12/2017 05:10, Joseph Lee ha scritto:
Dear NVDA community,

A few weeks ago someone asked me if I could take a look at the latest
incarnation of Skype for Desktop, nowadays known as Skype Preview (version
8.12). Preliminary results and the advisory is as follows:

Skype for Desktop has gone through a total redesign, borrowing UI (user
interface) elements from universal app version of Skype (Windows 10).
Instead of tabs and such, it is now a web interface. The following are
notable features:

* Contacts list is a combo box.
* Call, My Info and other elements are buttons.
* In order to type messages, you need to switch to focus mode from
chat edit box.

Thus, you need to be familiar with web navigation concepts and commands to
use Skype 8 for Desktop. Also, due to UI redesign, existing Skype app module
that ships with NVDA, nor the app module for Skype universal app that ships
with Windows 10 App Essentials add-on won't work.

Technical: developer info for Skype objects will return values for both
IAccessible and IAccessible2, usually seen with Firefox controls. Basically,
it is a web interface packaged as an app. Note that installation of Skype 8
for desktop will fail on Windows 10 because of preference for Skype
universal app.




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