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I was going to weigh in on this subject but Gene said it much better
than I could.


On 12/13/17, brian <sackriderbrian45@...> wrote:
Sound when a web page is loaded I do think that it would
be a good idea to have a sound when a page has been loaded. Sighted
people can see at a glance when a page is loaded so why should we have
to check the long way. If you have internet that constantly drops out
and comes you want to know if your page is loading and when it's
loaded. The webie brouser has this feature. It plays a ticking sound
when a page is loading and you hear a ding when the page is loaded. You
can turn this off in the options menu. I don't always use it butit's
there if I want to use it. Also you could have nvda read the progress
of pages loading this could be an option in the preferences menu.

Brian Sackrider

On 12/13/2017 1:51 PM, Gene wrote:
You can't navigate a page until it fully loads. Sounds may be nice
but this is important for blind Internet users to understand, with or
without sounds. And if you move to the address bar and tab around that
area, you will see an item that tells you that a page is loading if it
still is. I have nothing against a sound that tells you if a page is
loading, but these are still things people should know. I don't trust
notifications to always be accurate. People should be able to check
what is going on aside from something like a sound if there is a way.
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This is exactly why I use Navigational sounds in the old version of

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Well, I think I figured it out.
This site is sometimes glitchy and loads slowly on my machine.
I tried it again just now. The page loaded up and I am now able to
find the song lyrics just by navigating by headings.
I think that before, I was trying to navigate to the lyrics before
they were actually loaded on to the page.
When my wife was looking, I guess maybe I didn't try headings at that


On 12/12/17, Rusty Perez <rustys.lists@...
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Hey Hermann,
the site is

There will be songs available when you first go to the page.
Search for the word "play" and you should find some songs to check
out. Press enter on a song name to bring up a page dedicated to the
song. Then search for the "lyrics" link.


On 12/12/17, Hermann-Josef Kurzen <ymh005@...
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Hey Rusty,

to which site for songwriters are You subscribed?
I am using NVDA as well.
I will have a try on the site.

Greetings - Hermann


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Hey folks,
I am subscribed to a site for songwriters. Part of the site allows
to read the song lyrics to a song that is playing. The lyrics come up
in an overlay or window of some sort and I can't figure out how to
read it with NVDA.
If my wife runs the mouse over the lyrics, NVDA does read them, but I
can't figure out how to get to this lyrics window on my own.
Any thoughts or suggestions?


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