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Adriani Botez

Deear Quentin,

I am working in net viewer every day. You can have a look at #7091 on github.

Netviewer works quite well since its functions are browser based. In any case, the user should enable  screen reader support in netviewer settings.
I would advice the user to uncheck the button tables in nvda‘s document formating settings. The reason is that NVDA reports tables almost on every line if the button is checked.
The most significant issue in netviewer is following: if you are in a data table or a form and you are just reviewing it without clicking on edit, NVDA reports for example „yes, radio button not available not checked“ although the button is checked. Thus, the user must click on edit every time if he or she wants to review thee correct status of the button which costs lot of time.

If he  or she must use sap gui, accessibility and subscripting must be activated on server and client in sap gui options. But as of now, SAP has created only an addon for jaws which works with sap gui. 

I know a blind guy who is working at SAP here in Germany. They are veryopen to work together with NV Access on an alternative addon for NVDA.

They have an accessibility team. If you wish I can bring you in contact with them.


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Am 15.12.2017 um 06:25 schrieb Quentin Christensen <quentin@...>:

Hi everyone,

I've had an enquiry from someone about the accessibility of SAP.  They advised they are using (or will need to use) ECC 6 Enhancement Pack 6 and NetWeaver Portal 7.3 Enhancement Pack 1.

I see a couple of issues on our tracker from a couple of years ago about SAP but would be interested in hearing from anyone with more recent experience as to whether it works and if so, how well or what issues there currently are, please?

Kind regards


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