Re: NVDA skype group

Angela Delicata

Why not creating a WhatsApp group?
Thank you.
Angela from Italy

Il 28/04/2016 12:55, Kevin Cussick via ha scritto:
I could not seem to join I opened the url in ff and I think I hit the
join button, got a message saying if your not getting anything
happening click the web link I did and it seemed to join me but I don't
see anything in my skype contacts thanks in advance for any advice given.

On 27/04/2016 23:50, laura cornwell wrote:
Hey there, to all on thislist we have a skype group createdfor people
who just wants to talk about NVDA or who needs help withNVDAhears a link
that you can use to joine Brandon Cross:

Questa e-mail รจ stata controllata per individuare virus con Avast antivirus.

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