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Very simple!

-        On the computer that will be remotely controlled:

1.    Open de NVDA Menu (NVDA+N)

2.    Go to Extra > Remote Access > Connect…

3.    First thing to do, set the radiobutton on client

4.    Press TAB and set it to Let be controlled this computer (or anything like this)

5.    Type in the textbox

6.    In the last textbox type a key, or press the button to generate one for you

-        On the computer that controls the other pc

1.    Do the same steps as above this from 1 to 3

2.    Press TAB and set the radiobutton on Control another computer

3.    Press tab and type in the textbox

4.    Press tab and type the same key as set in the pc that’ll be controlled!

-        Press on both computers on OK / Connect

You’ll hear a beep and the computers are connected. From the pc that conrols the other machine, press F11 to send your keyboardcommands to the other pc and press F11 again to stop sending the keys.


To disconnect go to the NVDA Menu (Ins+N) > Extra > Remote access > Disconnect

You’ll hear some beeps again!


Is that clear for you?


Best regards, Jordy




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Verzonden: donderdag 28 april 2016 15:46
Onderwerp: [nvda] NVDA remote



So, I installed the remote add on, but I'm clueless on how to get started using it, mainly configuring the host name and key, and how to allow a computer to be controlled.

How do I configure the add on to enable remote functionality?

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