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Monitors normally have one as do most laptops. However to me if its not going to do much for the battery then really all you need is to make it black from anyone hanging around point of view.

People tell me that many folk are very lax, even getting up in a library leaving the sscreen on with their personal data on it.

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Sent: Sunday, December 17, 2017 8:10 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Screen Shade/curtain?

I think an addon to dim the screen would be nice. Does anyone know if an
external program exists to dim the screen?

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Artin Dekker
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Op 17-12-2017 om 01:02 schreef Joseph Lee:


I didn’t say ideas. I’ll wait for comments before giving some opinions.



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Hi, I remember that GitHub post, as long as I read about pithon
language, it does not allow us to do anything with the display,
anyways, I glad to hear that Joseph has some idea about screen shaid,
because I also need an addon like this, now jaws has this feature, and
I’m waiting to use this feature in NVDA, please someone creat it

regards, Abdulmuhamin Yousaf!
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*Subject: *Re: [nvda] Screen Shade/curtain?


Not yet, with a GitHub issue created to talk about this. I have some
opinions about it, but won’t go there yet.



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*Subject:* [nvda] Screen Shade/curtain?


VoiceOver has had screen curtain feature for a long while and JAWS
recently got screen shade.

Does NVDA have a similar feature via an add-on or natively?


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