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Bhavya shah

Considering we do not have official technical support like commercial
screen reader manufacturers often do, groups and platforms for NVDA
related discussion on various networking utilities is definitely
There is a Facebook group for NVDA with over a thousand members named
NVDA All The Way, but in my opinion, not really active, often
off-topic postings are made, and just not that NVDA enriching.
I hope this NVDA Skype group is able to achieve what it aims, and I
have joined it too.
A Whatsapp group for NVDA is not a bad idea either - the thing is, how
many people would be interested in one? How comfortable would most
people be in sharing their phone number (inevitably on Whatsapp) while
communicating? Technological Whatsapp groups for visually impaired
have been very successful in the past, as they continue to proliserate
in terms of member base as well as content quality. I co-administer
one such group on Whatsapp by the name of Technology for VI and it
encompasses people from across the globe, talking about a variety of
assistive technologies, all visually impaired (please ask me offlist
for further details regarding the same).
I see obvious benefits in an e-group, whether Whatsapp based or not,
that specially focuses on NVDA, and it might be a great idea. However,
Whatsapp is something that requires more careful and considerate
administration, which is achievable (from the example and my personal
experience in administering Technology for VI) but still a chunk of
I would appreciate if more NVDA users and this forum's listers could
comment in their potential interest in joining an NVDA specific
Whatsapp group, or incase anyone else would like to create something
on Facebook or elsewhere for the same.
Since the lightning talk in NVDACon International 2016 about global
online NVDA communities and e-groups takes place very soon, I hope we
may have a more elaborate chat there as well about this possibility of
expanding NVDA communities across networking platforms.

On 4/28/16, Leo Bado <> wrote:
that would be awsome!

El 28/04/2016 a las 06:24 a.m., Angela Delicata via escribió:
Why not creating a WhatsApp group?
Thank you.
Angela from Italy

Il 28/04/2016 12:55, Kevin Cussick via ha scritto:
I could not seem to join I opened the url in ff and I think I hit the
join button, got a message saying if your not getting anything
happening click the web link I did and it seemed to join me but I don't
see anything in my skype contacts thanks in advance for any advice

On 27/04/2016 23:50, laura cornwell wrote:
Hey there, to all on thislist we have a skype group createdfor people
who just wants to talk about NVDA or who needs help withNVDAhears a
that you can use to joine Brandon Cross:

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