Re: NVDA 2017.4 cannot update progress bars on expanded file explorer copy or move dialogs

Bhavya shah

Hi Kendell,
I am not fully certain, however I am under the impression that the
NVDA Development e-mail list is still hosted by Sourceforge and hasn't
yet transitioned to Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

On 12/18/17, Joseph Lee <> wrote:

Looks like the required event is not fired by the progress bar control
(because I can confirm this problem).



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Sent: Sunday, December 17, 2017 6:42 PM
Subject: [nvda] NVDA 2017.4 cannot update progress bars on expanded file
explorer copy or move dialogs

Hey all

Sorry for not posting for a while, I've just completed a

Permanent move to windows 10 from Linux. I now have a new pc, an ultrabook
and both windows and NVDA perform much better. I've decided to get much
involved in helping NVDA, and windows itself, get better. To explain the
issue I just reported, if you have a file copy or move operation in
progress, windows explorer will open an information dialog. If the dialog
in it's normal state, the progress bar beeps and speech updates work just
fine. But there's a more updates button or checkbox, and if that is
the dialog expands to give more information. When that happens, the
bar updates no longer work. You can of course use screen review to look at
the dialog and get the updates that way. I also have report background
progress bar updates checked in object presentation settings, gotten to by
pressing NVDA+ctrl+o. This is on NVDA 2017.4 with joseph lee's windows 10
app essentials add on installed. I'm not sure how to provide more info or
proof of the problem, should I activate debug mode, or change the log level
and post a log? I've been a part of NVDA development before, but it was
when windows 7 first came out and procedures might have changed. If there's
a new developers guide somewhere, point me to it and I'll read it so you
guys don't have to repeat information.

Also, I've been trying to post this to the development group on
I've been rejected by both the sourceforge list, I think I might have
unsubscribed from that one, and the one,
<> . Did I unsubscribe from it and don't remember
or was I removed from it for something? I don't want to clutter up the user
support list with development emails but I couldn't think of anywhere else
to post this one, at least initially. If I can get on the development list,
I'll send all further dev stuff there.


Kendell Clark

sent from my ultrabook

Best Regards
Bhavya Shah

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