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Hi Joseph,
No, you are a fine debater, just that the relative weightage of
proposition's points coupled with the popular support in favour of the
screen dimming functionality tilted opinions one way. The motion and
the spectators are two things that are usually balanced and neutral,
setting up the stage for a competitive debate, but such was not the
case in our situation.
Having said all that, since we haven't been comprehensively shown one
functional software-based screen shade that works across all our
Windows systems without exception with the same amount of ease as the
conceptualized and requested screen dimming functionality integrated
into NVDA, that aspect remains unresolved. As far as my understanding
goes, since priorities for a project revolve around what the user
demand is, I find it very much possible that a flood of interest
expressed in the ability to dim the screen could very well trigger a
change in NVDA development priorities. Since I truly believe that the
quality and popularity of a product can be ascertained only by how
well it is able to continually satisfy the user, the consumer, the
customer, the king, any highly requested feature ought to be given due
I think it is important to be brave in defending your beliefs, and
that is what many of us have done today.

On 12/18/17, Joseph Lee <> wrote:
Ladies and gentlemen,

Looks like I lost after all, and in the process, felt tired and burnt out. I
think it might be best to let the add-ons community take care of this and
see what happens from there, similar to screen orientation announcement that
was originally part of an add-on and now is part of NVDA.

Some concluding remarks from me (for now):

* Alternatives are out there: some folks mentioned dimming the display
(which won’t really solve this issue) and physical screen shade (which needs
to be purchased).
* Priorities: As pointed out by some, we developers have priorities to sort
through. I, for instance, am asked by this community to produce the 2018
edition of my tutorials, and given my current state, it might be delayed
somewhat. Mick Curran is investigating how to let NVDA talk to UIA better,
and Reef is going through some bugs and enhancements at the moment. Jamie
sent in a patch that’ll make Firefox 58 better for NVDA users, and Quentin
is taking a holiday break. Given the effort needed for screen shade, coupled
with what we developers are doing at the moment, I suggest that we let the
add-ons community take care of this one.
* Will screen shade increase NVDA’s popularity: as noted by another
developer on an online chat, this debate shows the popular appeal for this
feature. For some, it is a sound argument, but I think what makes a product
popular isn’t inclusion of popular requests alone – stability, consistency,
being faithful to its duties to a point where enterprise adoption can occur
and what not.

P.S. Looks like I am not a good debater after all…



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Subject: Re: [nvda] screen shade

I only need a screen shade occasionally and for short periods. Often sighted
people also need to use my screen. What is wrong in controlling that by a
hotkey rather than having to stick and remove a sheet of paper. Besides, I
may be somewhere with my laptop where I don't have a handy sheet of paper at
the ready. It seems like you guys who don't have a need for this feature are
just not understanding that some of us do and that an add-on to do it would
by far be the simplest. What skin would it be off your nose if someone
created a little add-on for us misguided souls who want it? Yes, there are
often several ways of achieving something, but some are more convenient than
others. You don't have any idea of my personal circumstances and in my
circumstances this feature would be handy and, besides, having it wouldn't
make life more difficult for you in the slightest.

On 2017/12/18 2:52 PM, Josh Kennedy wrote:

Instead of screen shade. Get a black piece of paper and put it over your
screen. And voila, nobody can see your screen at all.

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