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Josh your argument is so invalid. Just because I want privacy does not
mean I must be up to something bad hell I just want to be able to have
my screen blank when I need it to be. I wouldn't dream of wanting to
get in the way of someone elses privacy unless I had a major reason.

On 12/18/17, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
People have a right to privacy no matter what they are doing. If I'm
sitting in a chair with headphones on, I have a right to privacy in my home.
If I'm on a bus, train, or plane, and I'm writing in my diary, or writing
an e-mail, not intended for general viewing, I have a right to privacy.
Privacy is not just something you have a right to or legitimately want when
you are performing socially unacceptable actions. If that were true, the
very act of taking actions to safeguard your privacy could be regarded by
the legal system as an admission of guilt or a serious indication of guilt
about something.

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From: Karim Lakhani
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Subject: Re: [nvda] screen shade

I'm concerned how many things you all do on your computers, that you don't
want any buddy to look at.
How many hours in a day do you write this kind of personal data which is
something you want to hide?
I think looking at porn is real high usage because they can see the screen,
it stops no one from using these acts.
With sound a porn sight with audio would require head phones don't you
I love the audio ducking in NVDA, because you can accomplish so much while
using the computer and then when it's just stream the sound is at the sound
you want.
Marry Christmas and a happy new year.

I worked at a company where co - workers who are sighted and didn't work
directly in my group, but because I kept my screen off, and wore head phones
they didn't think I was working.
But I didn't let the matter go, if my eyes are getting bothered from the
light on the monitor it was a great move.In stead of waiting for someone to
write code to prevent this matter.

Hope not all of us have to continuously write letters which no one else
should write.
good night!

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Subject: [nvda] screen shade

Ok about the screen shade. Why do blind people need a screen shade? And why
do sighted people they don't need a screen shade? So why is it good for
blind to have screen shade but not sighted? Oh and if I were a sighted
person and you had a screen shade on, I would just pick up my smart phone
and do some research and could figure out how to turn it off anyway. And
what if the keyboard command for turning it on and off were spread on
facebook and twitter? Now anybody can just come by your computer ;and turn
the screen shade off. Or someone could just hack the computer and use it
screen shade or no shade, without even caring screen shade is on or off.
Don't know why you want screen shade, but if it is for privacy? Forget it.
If I had a blind son and I were a sighted parent and caught my blind son
having a screen shade, I would suspect he's doing or reading stuff he should
not. Guess what? I take the computer or phone away from him for a week or
so. He gets punished for using screen shade.

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