an idea for possible new NVDA functionality

Hi all

This may or may not have been discussed hear already, so hear goes. I have a vizio ct14 ultrabook. It has one of those keyboards which does not contain a number pad and it’s not possible as far as I know to emulate one by pressing fn key shortcuts. I use the laptop keyboard layout with NVDA and I like it. However, I also use a wireless keyboard when I’m away from the laptop. Would it be possible to have a separate keyboard layout for this keyboard? This doesn’t seem to be possible yet, but is anyone interested in either adding this functionality to NVDA or as an optional add on? I’m not sure if this is even possible, and if it were you’d have to detect the type of keyboard, EG USB, ps2, etc. This would allow you to have separate layouts for each keyboard you use. The reason I’m asking is because the synthesizer settings ring doesn’t seem to exist in the laptop keyboard layout. If it does, I haven’t been able to discover the keyboard shortcuts bound to it.  Additionally, the voice settings dialog seems to have a bug. Opening it and changing a synthesizer setting, EG rate, and then pressing the OK button does not close the dialog. Pressing the escape key does close it but also reverts the setting changed. This is with NVDA 2017.4. This occurs with windows one-core as well as the built in Espeak synth. This isn’t a complaint, just an idea. Is anyone interested or have any feedback?


Kendell Clark



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