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Hi Cindy,

Find uses a task pane in Word 2016.  You can still kind of access the traditional find dialogue by pressing control+h for "find and replace" - the focus is on the original replace page of the dialog but if you just type something and press ENTER, it's the same as using find.

Re bookmarks, you can insert them though they are a bit annoying (there might be a shortcut, I must admit I haven't used bookmarks a lot):

alt+n (for insert ribbon)
then Z, L, K for Bookmark

Then type the name you want to give your bookmark (you can set multiple bookmarks).

To get back to your bookmark later, press control+g for go-to
then shift+tab back to the "go to what" list, down arrow to bookmark, then tab back to the edit field and it automatically inserts the name of your last bookmark so you can press ENTER or type another bookmark name.

Personally I more often just type my name in where I want to get back to, save the file and then use find to find my name (and remember to delete your name again).  Best to keep a backup copy of documents you do that with, just in case you inadvertently change something though.



On Fri, Apr 29, 2016 at 8:40 AM, slery <slerythema@...> wrote:

I am reading a large manual (almost 500 pages). Is there a way to set a bookmark where I am currently reading so that I can go to another topic, read it and then return to my bookmarked place?


Also, I am having a very difficult time using find in this version of word. Are there any tips to make this easier to use?



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