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Actually Bob, the situation with jaws is that it makes almost complete use of it Scripts. Jaws has a well-earned reputation for ignoring standards, and forcing all programs into compliance. A few off-the-shelf products work out of the box if the developers have followed certain standards, but the program's you use everyday such as Office products are heavily scripted.

I used to make pretty good money going to customers houses, uninstalling their script files, and reinstalling them. I made almost as much money doing that as I did cleaning up viruses, and had almost as good a time doing it.



On December 18, 2017 7:38:51 PM "bob jutzi" <jutzi1@...> wrote:

But Jaws still does make use of scripts a when necessary and I don't see
how anyone can afford keeping that thing updated. I'm sure it comes
down to what your software needs are. I use both Word and Outlook
Office 365, Itunes, and Winamp, to name a few, and NVDA meets my needs
very well.

On 12/18/2017 6:41 PM, Sam Taylor wrote:

They are not included because Add-ons, as the name suggests, are
optional. Integrating them into the installer would mean that the
installer filesize would be inflated, resulting in a much bigger
download for everyone.

On 19/12/2017 9:30 am, Karim Lakhani wrote:
Can someone explain why add are not included in the main install of
the APP.
If the add on's are useable by all the community, why not add them in
the main install?
I hope this doesn't come down to the amount of data you have, I know
it will be cheaper then 1800.00
Some of us don't have the knowledge to accomplish these functions.
I think it's like Elisa, she only gets smarter the more you use it.
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I have to agree with this. My wife asked to question the other day why
use NVDA if I have to install addons to do the stuff I want to do then
also have to keep them updated. I see this a lot with the disability
place I work for part time. I have several elders after showing them
nvda and jaws have chosen jaws do to the fact they don’t have to deal
with addons.

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A lot of NVDA users won't ever know enough to know that there are add
ons nor how to install them. You are free to remove any add ons you
don't want and, for experienced users who understand the implications,
a no add ons NVDA can be offered if it really matters, which I don't
think it does. I'm not talking about including add on after add on in
NVDA. I'm saying that some add ons should be included because you
aren't serving a lot of blind people well by not doing so, meaning the
large number, who will never use add ons they have to download and
install. Instead of spending time and resources reinventing the wheel
just to make it a part of core NVDA code, just include the add on.


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What I've liked and am liking of the AddOns on NVDA is the ability to
install those that suits are needs, thus NVDA should be pure as
always, but with each of us adding the necessary AddOns for our daily use.

El 17/12/2017 a las 06:16 p.m., Rui Fontes escribió:

Sorry, Gene, but if some of the addons will be shipped with NVDA
and set to run, they should stop being addons and start being part
of NVDA core...

Addon, by definition, is a piece of software to execute a specific
function that does not make part of the NVDA core...


Rui Fontes

Às 00:07 de 18/12/2017, Gene escreveu:

NVDA doesn't have to adopt every popular feature of other
screen-readers to compete. I don't have much opinion about
whether this feature is implemented in NVDA directly or by an
add on. It is a peripheral feature and not an actual
screen-reader feature. It is a proper question whether NVDA
development time and resources should be put into this
project. And an add on wouldn't divert NVDA time and
resources. However, when it comes to add ons, NVDA should do
what Window-eyes used to do, not because Window-eyes does it,
but because it serves users well, is logical and there is no
reason of any substance not to do it.

Window-eyes used to accomplish a number of functions by having
a number of what it pretentiously called apps, they were
really scripts, but they were available to users as add ons
and were shipped with Window-eyes and were set to run at the
time of installation. Many users of whatever screen-reader
they use will never learn enough to know anything about add
ons. there are a number of add ons that should be
incorporated into NVDA as addons that are downloaded and are
running when NVDA is run.

If this were done, the major objection against making a
feature an add on would be done away with. the objection is
that a lot of people will never know about add ons and never
use whatever is being discussed. If this objection were done
away with by having many add ons be included in NVDA as
running add ons at the time of download and installation or
portable use, the whole question and argument about whether
something should be an add on could be done away with.


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When it comes to the new screen shade function in Jaws 2018
and if NVDA
should also have the same function the main question is
whether or not
NVDA is in competition with other screen readers in order to
get more
users or is NVDA just a free screen reader for those who can't
afford to
pay for a screen reader.

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