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NVDA doesn’t really care what keyboard you’ve got as long as it can understand scan codes and virtual key codes it gets. In this case, it’s really up to keyboard driver/firmware blob that is responsible for telling NVDA what the key press was.




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Thanks a lot for the tip on the synth settings ring for the laptop keyboard layout. I did look in the command quick reference before posting here but didn’t find it. I assume discussion of the unoficial, free, ETI eloquence add on isn’t allowed, so I’ll refrain from reporting bugs that only affect it. I don’t have the money for the officially supported one which also contains the vocalizer voices, $60 is a bit much on most months. Regarding the keyboard layouts, I don’t know the keycodes for my Logitech k520, but if I could find an application which could show them I could easily put them up somewhere. I was asking for general functionality though. For example, an additional checkbox in the general or keyboard settings labeled something like, keyboard layout for “keyboard name here” combo box desktop. I don’t know if it’s technically possible to query windows for a list of keyboards connected to it. If it is, if it’s possible to separate out add on keyboards from the one plugged into the laptop’s motherboard. And how would desktops be handled? That is, desktops with two keyboards, or maybe one keyboard and one braille display with braille keys? I just now thought of that last one. There may be a reason NVDA can’t do what I’m asking.


Kendell Clark



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Hi Kendell,
With reference to the odd behavior you are experiencing with the Voice
Settings dialog, this report has been seen in the past wherein the
unofficial ETI Eloquence driver is in use. If you are using any other
speech synthesizer (please specify which), this is a bug worth
In regards to your second query, the laptop keyboard layout keystrokes
for accessing the Synth Settings Ring are NVDA+Ctrl+Shift+arrow keys,
i.e. just add the Shift key to the existing key combination.

On 12/19/17, Shaun Everiss <sm.everiss@...> wrote:
> Joseph needs to comment on this.
> Non technical version.
> I don't see any reason there couldn't be another keyboard for a
> spaciffic board especially if you know all the codes for all the keys
> and what they all do reguardless of things.
> It should be able to be made the file for this.
> Technical.
> However are there keyboard files, yoou would need a definition for the
> board, it wouldn't matter what was connected to it.
> That all assumes that you can actually do this yourself.
> Are the keyboards part of nvda itself or are they definition files.
> It may be a good idea maybe that keyboards are different files so people
> can define their own keyboards and share them.
> Most keyboards would be the same, however I do know cases where some
> keyboards are different.
> On 19/12/2017 8:53 p.m., coffeekingms@... wrote:
>> Hi all
>> This may or may not have been discussed hear already, so hear goes. I have
>> a vizio ct14 ultrabook. It has one of those keyboards which does not
>> contain a number pad and it’s not possible as far as I know to emulate one
>> by pressing fn key shortcuts. I use the laptop keyboard layout with NVDA
>> and I like it. However, I also use a wireless keyboard when I’m away from
>> the laptop. Would it be possible to have a separate keyboard layout for
>> this keyboard? This doesn’t seem to be possible yet, but is anyone
>> interested in either adding this functionality to NVDA or as an optional
>> add on? I’m not sure if this is even possible, and if it were you’d have
>> to detect the type of keyboard, EG USB, ps2, etc. This would allow you to
>> have separate layouts for each keyboard you use. The reason I’m asking is
>> because the synthesizer settings ring doesn’t seem to exist in the laptop
>> keyboard layout. If it does, I haven’t been able to discover the keyboard
>> shortcuts bound to it.  Additionally, the voice settings dialog seems to
>> have a bug. Opening it and changing a synthesizer setting, EG rate, and
>> then pressing the OK button does not close the dialog. Pressing the escape
>> key does close it but also reverts the setting changed. This is with NVDA
>> 2017.4. This occurs with windows one-core as well as the built in Espeak
>> synth. This isn’t a complaint, just an idea. Is anyone interested or have
>> any feedback?
>> Thanks
>> Kendell Clark
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