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Well assuming the other computer is the same, ie it has any synths and other bits and pieces the same you should do this.
Some may say this is over the top, but sometimes portable copies can be a bit annoying.
1 make a portable copy on a ram drive.
2 download the exact version you have from the web site.
Firstly, install it clean from the web site. Don't worry about the config being wrong.
Make sure the important bits like menus and all that stuff work in nvda.

Now insert your ram drive with your configured version on it. Go to it, position yourself on the exe file, then terminate the running copy and run the portable. When you get in navigate to the install option as you would, and install over the top of the one you just installed, take the option to keep the shrotcut and copy the existing config.
When its done and restarted and you check it works. Go to the general menu and use the save the current config so you get the log in parameters the same as the normal ones.
Hopefully that should then work assuming all the specs are the same. You will of cours need to configure windows how you like it as well.

I do it that way as sometimes, possible copies on windows 10 misbehave if they are the first copy you use.
I have no idea why this happens, so don't ask!

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OK I have NVDA all set up on my main computer just right for me. I want the same configuration on my secondary computer. Is there a way to move the saved configuration to another computer?

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