Re: Trying to install NVDA from a portable copy on new Windows 10 computer but can't focus on the NVDA menu

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I simply installed it over the top, but I first installed it clean. I have no idea why it works better than simply running the portable copy on a machine, then doing an install. It just does for me.
Of course some people who have older machines might get an issue if they use 2017.4 and want it to run on XP, Vista or a Windows 7 machine without sop1!
Those combinations will not work so those buzzing around with a portable version who might encounter any of those machines should use 2017.3 as a separate version on the stick.

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Hi Brian. Could you explain me what is the process to install NVDA clean and then copy your configuration from a portable copy? Thanks!

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so quit nvda and bring it up again, this some times has happened to me and this is what I do.

On 19/12/2017 11:26, Sharni-Lee Ward wrote:
Right, so my mother was able to open the portable copy of NVDA, and I was in the window where the NVDA Portable folder was. Then I pressed caps-lock+n to open the NVDA menu and it said NVDA menu, but when I scrolled with the arrow keys it was only reading the items in the NVDA Portable folder, and so I couldn't select anything from the NVDA menu. I tried alt+tab but that just landed me in the same window. I tried pressing NVDA+n again, but that didn't work. I can't install from the portable copy if I can't access the NVDA menu.
On 19/12/2017 10:20 PM, Chris wrote:


I saw your other post, but wasn’t sure what you are trying to achieve?

Are you saying you want to run a portable copy of nvda or you cant run a portable copy?

Or are you wanting to install from a portable copy?

Or cant install it to your computer?

If you can be a bit ore specific that will help, thanks

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I got a Windows 10 laptop as an early Christmas present and earlier, I

tried to install NVDA on it from the portable copy I have, but when I

opened the NVDA Menu, focus didn't switch to it. I tried alt+tab in case

that would help, but I always landed on the window with the folder

containing the portable copy. I really wanna start working this computer

out and setting it up to my liking, but I can't do that if I can't even

focus on the window I want to focus on. I've asked on the blind tech

list but nobody's talking yet and I'm scared my post might end up being

ignored because I sent it just as everyone was going to bed.

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