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Ooops sorry to answer the question you already answered. Sorry about that.


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Windows OneCore voices are only available in Windows 10.




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Hi okay one question.

If you get the new version of NVDA 2018 and you are using windows seven?

Well you get to use the new synthesizer or will it only be able to be used in windows 10?




On 12/20/2017 3:59 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Ladies and gentlemen,


The first two parts of Welcome to NVDA 2018 tutorial series are done:


Look for “Welcome to NVDA 2018” heading. Due to popular demand, each topic is a separate file. I plan to make each tutorial part a single file once production is complete, as well as providing a zip file of all tutorial files.



  • Restarting NVDA: “Restart with debug logging enabled” is covered.
  • Creating portable copy: the option to start the portable version after creation is covered.
  • Basic keyboard commands: both desktop and laptop layouts are covered with live examples.
  • Battery status command: while demonstrating this command on my laptop, you’ll hear a surprise message.
  • Touchscreen interaction: briefly mentioned the new Touch Interaction settings which is incubating, along with an example.
  • Synthesizer: in part 2 (Basics), you’ll hear Windows OneCore (aka Microsoft Mobile) voices in action, with Microsoft Mark making his first appearance.
  • Formatting announcement: an example of what happens when you press NVDA+F twice quickly is included.
  • NVDA menu: Preferences/Windows 10 OCR is included but the actual dialog won’t be shown.
  • Add-ons preview: as you listen to NVDA menu segment, you’ll hear menu items for the following add-ons: Windows 10 App Essentials, Remote Support, and DictationBridge.
  • Opening the user guide: now done via Microsoft Edge.


Hope this helps.






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