Re: Welcome to NVDA 2018: first two parts completed

Sylvie Duchateau

Hello Joseph and all,

I also listened to a part of the tutorial files and I agree with Goly and Angela, it is realy great. Clear explanations and easy to understand for those who do not have English as their primary language.

Well done!



Le 21/12/2017 à 12:12, Angela Delicata a écrit :

I am listening  to the tutorial and find it very useful and easy to understand even for me whose first language is Italian and not English.

So, a huge thank you!

Il 20/12/2017 22:59, Joseph Lee ha scritto:
Ladies and gentlemen,

The first two parts of Welcome to NVDA 2018 tutorial series are done:

Look for "Welcome to NVDA 2018" heading. Due to popular demand, each topic
is a separate file. I plan to make each tutorial part a single file once
production is complete, as well as providing a zip file of all tutorial


*    Restarting NVDA: "Restart with debug logging enabled" is covered.
*    Creating portable copy: the option to start the portable version
after creation is covered.
*    Basic keyboard commands: both desktop and laptop layouts are covered
with live examples.
*    Battery status command: while demonstrating this command on my
laptop, you'll hear a surprise message.
*    Touchscreen interaction: briefly mentioned the new Touch Interaction
settings which is incubating, along with an example.
*    Synthesizer: in part 2 (Basics), you'll hear Windows OneCore (aka
Microsoft Mobile) voices in action, with Microsoft Mark making his first
*    Formatting announcement: an example of what happens when you press
NVDA+F twice quickly is included.
*    NVDA menu: Preferences/Windows 10 OCR is included but the actual
dialog won't be shown.
*    Add-ons preview: as you listen to NVDA menu segment, you'll hear
menu items for the following add-ons: Windows 10 App Essentials, Remote
Support, and DictationBridge.
*    Opening the user guide: now done via Microsoft Edge.

Hope this helps.



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