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Adriani Botez

Please try to be as sure as possible that a bug is related to NVDA or that your idea improves NVDA‘s screen reading function before posting an issue on github. It is very important because otherwise you will cause tests where no tests are needed. So please discuss your issues and ideas first on this maillist and in your language community to ensure that you are not the only one encountering the issue.

Discussions like about screen shading and so on should take place here first and after that such ideas can be posted on github.


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Am 21.12.2017 um 14:42 schrieb Bhavya shah <>:

Dear all,
“As a user of an open source software such as NVDA, you have the
influence to transmit your voice directly to the forces coding that
software, by notifying them of critical bugs that you have
independently identified, by proposing new functionality that truly
takes NVDA to the next level, or simply by reducing the traffic
through which developers have to rummage by testing, replicating and
triaging issues filed by other users.”
The first step in learning to exercise that influence is what you must
take today. You can join the bandwagon by touring the bug tracking and
issue reporting features of GitHub along with me and learning to
report your first issue on the #NVDASR GitHub tracker. Check out the
latest Hiking Across Horizons blog post titled “The GitHub Games Pt. 2
– Filing Your First Ticket”.
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Comments, feedback and suggestions are always welcome. :)

Best Regards
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