Re: Vocalizer from Tifloteknia

Sylvie Duchateau

Hello all,

As a user of Vocalizer voices since more than 2 years, I don't have to complaint about this synthesiser.

I lost my license rights and after some e-mail exchanges with Tiflotecnia, we found a way to solve the problem.

I had no bad experience with them.

So let's wait till the new version comes, and let's see what happens.

Best regards


Le 21/12/2017 à 16:28, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io a écrit :
Although you obviously do feel passionate about this, I do feel that you might be close to upsetting somebody with this. whatever the rights and wrongs here, we do have to stay civil. There is no evidence of any wrongdoing, only lack of communication really.

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At least other companies add features like voices that users have been
requesting. And at least they don’t keep telling users that an update is
coming for years and not delivering on that update. Again, I would like to
say that I’m wrong. I would like to say that the product we are discussing
will get updated in the features that users have been promised for a long
time will be added. So far though, that is just not reality. And until it
happens, I will keep coming out on this list and anywhere else that this
product was discussed and I will keep telling users to avoid it. There’s
really a very simple solution to this. Communicate with this list and let
users of your product no why the promised update has not come yet. Continue
to update them. Stop delivering promises that it is coming soon when it’s
not. Stop giving timelines. However, timelines continue to be delivered.
And we still don’t have an update. Not only do we not have the update, but
we don’t have any reason why the update still taking as long as it is.
Other than an email Wayback that said that they are running into a couple
of issues that should be resolved very soon. Clearly there are still
reasons why this product is not being delivered. And it’s ridiculous. You
took a vantage of your users. You’ve taken years to update your product.
User spent a lot of money on your product, the least you could do this
update them on the progress of what is going on. Instead of promising them
an update that has still not been delivered. I regret very much purchasing
the product. I am a very to satisfied user. The level of support has been
unprofessional. And the lack of software updates as bad. So I can’t
recommend it. Sorry if anyone disagrees. Again, this message is being
written outside of my role as an owner and a moderator of this listst, and
my message does not represent nonvisual desktop access in any way.
On Thu, Dec 21, 2017 at 00:33 iván Novegil <ivan.novegil@...> wrote:

Other companies add to their addons exe files that we don't know what they
are doing. Furthermore, the exe file itself uses machine resources. These
are some inconvenients of buying Vocalizer with other companies. Better
said, other company, I don't know mor than one.


Iván Novegil Cancelas

Comunidad hispanohablante de NVDA | Proyecto

Usuario do NVDA en galego

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O 21/12/2017 á(s) 4:22, Nimer Jaber escribiu:

This message is sent outside of my moderator's role.

do not believe that this is the case. We have been hearing about this
coming for a long, long, long time now... years actually. I would advise
anyone wishing to purchase Vocalizer to purchase the one not by Ruie or his
company. There is another out there that I think atguys sells that I would
recommend. Shame on any company who keeps on misleading its customers in
the way as has been done about this product and on this list. If it comes
out I will apologize for my harsh message, but no evidence so far indicates
that this product is actually coming.

On Wed, Dec 20, 2017 at 12:30 PM Gerardo Corripio <gera1027@...>

That’ll be something to look forward to. I’m especially looking forward
to Spanish Chile’s Francisca, and if they’ll English US. Voices too,
expanding these, especially for differemt voices in different situations
(daily use, leisure reading…). Keep us posted!

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Rui Fontes
Tiflotecnia, Lda.

Às 14:52 de 20/12/2017, Chris Shook escreveu:
Is there any news on when the new vocalizer foices Ie, Nathan,
Kate, etc. will be available from Tifloteknia?


Nimer Jaber

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