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Wait? We’ve waited long enough!


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From: Sylvie Duchateau
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Subject: Re: [NVDA] Vocalizer from Tifloteknia


Hello all,


As a user of Vocalizer voices since more than 2 years, I don't have to

complaint about this synthesiser.


I lost my license rights and after some e-mail exchanges with

Tiflotecnia, we found a way to solve the problem.


I had no bad experience with them.


So let's wait till the new version comes, and let's see what happens.


Best regards




Le 21/12/2017 à 16:28, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io a écrit :

> Although you obviously do feel passionate about this, I do feel that

> you might be close to upsetting somebody with this. whatever the

> rights and wrongs here, we do have to stay civil. There is no evidence

> of any wrongdoing, only lack of communication really.

> Brian

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> Subject: Re: [NVDA] Vocalizer from Tifloteknia

> At least other companies add features like voices that users have been

> requesting. And at least they don’t keep telling users that an update is

> coming for years and not delivering on that update. Again, I would

> like to

> say that I’m wrong. I would like to say that the product we are

> discussing

> will get updated in the features that users have been promised for a long

> time will be added. So far though, that is just not reality. And until it

> happens, I will keep coming out on this list and anywhere else that this

> product was discussed and I will keep telling users to avoid it. There’s

> really a very simple solution to this. Communicate with this list and let

> users of your product no why the promised update has not come yet.

> Continue

> to update them. Stop delivering promises that it is coming soon when it’s

> not. Stop giving timelines. However, timelines continue to be delivered.

> And we still don’t have an update. Not only do we not have the update,

> but

> we don’t have any reason why the update still taking as long as it is.

> Other than an email Wayback that said that they are running into a couple

> of issues that should be resolved very soon. Clearly there are still

> reasons why this product is not being delivered. And it’s ridiculous. You

> took a vantage of your users. You’ve taken years to update your product.

> User spent a lot of money on your product, the least you could do this

> update them on the progress of what is going on. Instead of promising

> them

> an update that has still not been delivered. I regret very much

> purchasing

> the product. I am a very to satisfied user. The level of support has been

> unprofessional. And the lack of software updates as bad. So I can’t

> recommend it. Sorry if anyone disagrees. Again, this message is being

> written outside of my role as an owner and a moderator of this listst,

> and

> my message does not represent nonvisual desktop access in any way.

> On Thu, Dec 21, 2017 at 00:33 iván Novegil <ivan.novegil@...> wrote:

>> Other companies add to their addons exe files that we don't know what

>> they

>> are doing. Furthermore, the exe file itself uses machine resources.

>> These

>> are some inconvenients of buying Vocalizer with other companies. Better

>> said, other company, I don't know mor than one.



>> Regards.


>> Iván Novegil Cancelas

>> Editorivan.novegil@...


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>> O 21/12/2017 á(s) 4:22, Nimer Jaber escribiu:


>> This message is sent outside of my moderator's role.


>> do not believe that this is the case. We have been hearing about this

>> coming for a long, long, long time now... years actually. I would advise

>> anyone wishing to purchase Vocalizer to purchase the one not by Ruie

>> or his

>> company. There is another out there that I think atguys sells that I

>> would

>> recommend. Shame on any company who keeps on misleading its customers in

>> the way as has been done about this product and on this list. If it

>> comes

>> out I will apologize for my harsh message, but no evidence so far

>> indicates

>> that this product is actually coming.


>> On Wed, Dec 20, 2017 at 12:30 PM Gerardo Corripio <gera1027@...>

>> wrote:


>>> That’ll be something to look forward to. I’m especially looking forward

>>> to Spanish Chile’s Francisca, and if they’ll English US. Voices too,

>>> expanding these, especially for differemt voices in different

>>> situations

>>> (daily use, leisure reading…). Keep us posted!


>>> Gera

>>> Enviado desde mi iPhone 5S de Telcel


>>> El 20/12/2017, a la(s) 9:06 a. m., Rui Fontes

>>> <rui.fontes@...>

>>> escribió:


>>> > Soon...

>>> >

>>> > Regards,

>>> >

>>> > Rui Fontes

>>> > Tiflotecnia, Lda.

>>> >

>>> >

>>> > Às 14:52 de 20/12/2017, Chris Shook escreveu:

>>> >> Hi,

>>> >> Is there any news on when the new vocalizer foices Ie, Nathan,

>>> Oliver,

>>> Kate, etc. will be available from Tifloteknia?

>>> >> Thanks

>>> >> Chris

>>> >

>>> >

>>> >




>>> --

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