Re: Eloquence but that comes packaged with k1000?


Some newer members may not know that I am the moderator.  My view is that if Kurzweil wanted people not to use that option, they would restrict use of the synthesizer so it couldn't be used in that way.  They've had over a decade to do so and they haven't.  Therefore, I have no objection to discussing that option.  If the list owner disagrees, he will let us know. 
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Sent: Friday, December 22, 2017 5:40 AM
Subject: [nvda] Eloquence but that comes packaged with k1000?

I'm well aware that Eloquence isn't allowed on here, except that bought
either through Code Factory, AT Guys and others, but for those who own
Kurzweil1000 Reading software, and Eloquence (or probably not Eloquence
but in my case it says Microsoft Sapi4 and when I activate it with NVDA
something sounding like Eloquence comes up, is this allowed? I've only
noticed this a few days back when exploring what synths are available
for NVDA.

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