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NVDA says unknown when it sees some sort of text that it doesn't know how to convert into speech.  I don't know if it does for images.  Just ignore it.  Something is being displayed that NVDA doesn't know how to render.  I see NVDA say unknown fairly often and then, things work as they should because the unknown material is replaced by known material. 

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although i don't have trouble with the word pane, i usually hear
unknown every time i close a page or programme. also when i close
everything down before i shut down, unknown
 is announced. there is no other dialogue box there either. any idea
why this might be so?
i have recently made the switch from JAWS to NVDA and this confuses me.
thanks for any help.

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> I think it when nvda has no other data from the page. The pane seems to be
> what is said by default when web browsers have a blank page.
>  I hear it when firefox boots up for the first time as well.
> Is your machine particularly slow?
>  Brian
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> Subject: [nvda] I hear the word payne
> Hi All,
> for some reason when I first open a message in wlm I hear the word payne
> spoken several times.  It also happens in ie.  I am using the latest windows
> 10 and nvda.  Has anyone else had this happen to them?  If so, is there a
> fix for it?  Thanks for any help.Regards, Gary kn4ox
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