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It depends on the licence really. If they have made it a global synth then you are quite free to use it, but hacking a driver to use a restricted copy, say from Dolphin or other maker is probably not legal.
The problem I've had with Sapi 4 in general is that being an older design, often strange things happen on later versions of windows, like character level speech can sometimes not work correctly and language switching may be no good.
I have an old copy of IBM Home page reader, which cannot run on modern windows but the synth itself is globally enabled and will.
I don't particularly like eloquence clones, but it does work.
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I'm well aware that Eloquence isn't allowed on here, except that bought either through Code Factory, AT Guys and others, but for those who own Kurzweil1000 Reading software, and Eloquence (or probably not Eloquence but in my case it says Microsoft Sapi4 and when I activate it with NVDA something sounding like Eloquence comes up, is this allowed? I've only noticed this a few days back when exploring what synths are available for NVDA.

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