Re: Vocalizer from Tifloteknia

Rui Fontes

Hello Nimer!

You wrote:
This add-on and these voices were promised two years ago.

Sorry, but your notion of time is a little wrong...
We just start the earlier tests in August of 2016...

You wrote:
Surely last year the product could have been released ...

Maybe, but we have several problems and was not possible...

You wrote:
... Or did you know about all the changes that were coming for 2018.1

Of course not! On that time, I believe no one knew when it will be possible to change to Python 3.0, WXCom 4.0 and so on...
But, if we are now finishing the driver addon it is mandatory that it will be compatible with all the changes, right?

You wrote:
I am sorry if I am harsh about this issue, but this is a product that users pay much money for.

Right, but no one, in the time of purchase, promissed updates... And the product is working allright with the last version of Windows and last version of NVDA, right?

You wrote:
The licensing scheme where users don't have a way of getting licenses without contacting the company bothers me.

Sorry, but you can disable a activation through NVDA/Vocalizer Expressive menu...
If it will be impossible to do that, logically you have to contact the supplier, as in all products, as far as I know... What product lets you increase the activations counter without disabling a activation?

Best regards,

Rui Fontes
Tiflotecnia, Lda.

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