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Rui Fontes

In Survey #5, January 2014, NVDA have 18,6%
In survey #6, July 2015, have 14.6% (mainly because this year have many low-vision users)
In survey #7, October 2017, NVDA achieves 31.9%!

And, remember that 60% of respondants are from North America... And NVDA is more used in other parts of the world, like Asia and South America... The two biggest communities are from India and Brasil!

Rui Fontes

Às 17:46 de 22/12/2017, Lino Morales escreveu:

Hi all. FYI the Webame survey 7 results out out. It’s a mixed bag. I’m dissappoited in NVDA useage. Its at 31.9 percent and that other screen reader I won’t talk about anymore is at 46 percent. All I’ll say is this. Spread the word about NVDA. I know a lot of you have adopted the use of it over the past year now that WINEyes is dead. Also if you can send NV Access a donation.
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