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Amen preach it. This is a rocking Screen Reader.

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+1000! I wish I know it before: I am really happy with nvda; it is a
wonderful screen reader.

If we think all they ask is a donation and they give us such a wonderful
product... Isn't it fantastic?

Happy vacation to all.


Angela from Italy

Il 22/12/2017 19:12, Sky Mundell ha scritto:
I totally agree with you. Lets all promote the use of this terrific product!

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Subject: [nvda] I'm dissappointed

Hi all. FYI the Webame survey 7 results out out. It’s a mixed bag. I’m dissappoited in NVDA useage. Its at 31.9 percent and that other screen reader I won’t talk about anymore is at 46 percent. All I’ll say is this. Spread the word about NVDA. I know a lot of you have adopted the use of it over the past year now that WINEyes is dead. Also if you can send NV Access a donation.

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