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Don H

OK you are correct. My hearing isn't what it used to be. The click is so low I really have to listen hard to hear it.

On 12/22/2017 3:00 PM, Gene wrote:
When set to beeps, you should hear very soft, high frequency beeps.  I doubt that there is silence.  I don't know how good your hearing is, how good your speakers are and how noisy the environment is where you are listening.
The only reason I can think of for this feature to be available is if someone wants to verify that NVDA is running or not when speech isn't available.  If so, this option shouldn't be in the speech on and off settings.  There should be a different command to toggle this mode off and on.
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On my windows 10 system running NVDA 2017-4 insert s toggles between
speech mode talk, speech mode off and speech mode beep.  No shift key is
required.  However if set to speech mode beep it is still silent.

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