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Bhavya shah

Hi all,
Regardless of the current screen reader usage statistics in the WebAim
survey, it must be emphasized that this survey has traditionally been
US or North America centric, while NVDA's active online user base
comes from India (Asia) and Brazil (South America), regions that
constitute a meagre portion of the WebAim survey respondents. At the
same time, as rui pointed out, it is heartening to see a substantial
increase in the reception of free and low-cost screen readers,
particularly the number of people who primarily or commonly use NVDA.
We have both reason to be happy for NVDA as well as motivation to
continue propagating NVDA to settings where it can perform

On 12/23/17, Sky Mundell <> wrote:
Yes for sure!

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Subject: Re: [nvda] I'm dissappointed

Hi, Sky,

I just finished listening to the presentation and the two guys did a
wonderful job in making their point. We do need to spread the word about


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Subject: Re: [nvda] I'm dissappointed

Hello Gene. This is Sky. In april of 2016, their was a discussion about
NVDA and Employment on NVDA Con. It was presented by two people, Dave
Wiliams, and Sean Randal. Below, is the url so you can listen to it.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] I'm dissappointed

The first question is who is it a good option for? I don't know enough
about various employment settings to know where it could be used to meet the
needs well.

At this point in its development, if it is well suited to use in many
employment settings, I'll let others address the question of rehab agencies.
I don't know enough to discuss it. All I can say is that I'm skeptical
that NVDA is nearly as ready for general use in employment as it appears
some people are assuming. If I'm wrong, that's fine but someone with real
knowledge about employment requirements would have to address the question.

For example, say someone in a call center has to read a specific part of the
screen with a certain command. In JAWS, a frame could be designed to do
that by any knowledgeable JAWS employment counselor on the work site. Since
NVDA doesn't have such a feature, someone would have to make a script for
NVDA to do this. This would require much more knowledge and I would think
it would be much harder to get it done in a lot of or most cases. I haven't
done this for years and I'd have to review how but I created frames to allow
someone to use a VPN efficiently with a medical transcription interface from
home, using JAWS. That requires some knowledge but I don't have any of the
knowledge needed to do the same with NVDA. NVDA simply isn't user definable
and I would think that that is one of its greatest obstacles in terms of
flexibility in employment situations.

Those are my opinions, not as any sort of expert about any of this but I
think some or many NVDA proponents have a significantly inflated view of the
current state of NVDA as an on the job screen-reader.


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Subject: Re: [nvda] I'm dissappointed

Hi Gene!

How do we educate the state rehabilitation agencies that NVDA is an option.
Before my on line tutoring business, I was looking for a job. I asked my
case worker about using NVDA at work. My case worker said that employers
would not allow NVDA, and that they had hardly heard of NVDA, and that is
not up to employment standards.

If my case worker thought that, I would assume that many agencies think that
about NVDA.

Don’t we need to do presentations for the states like VFO does?

Simply, how do we get the word out there in the professional world that NVDA
is a good option?

David Moore

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From: Gene <>
Sent: Friday, December 22, 2017 6:06 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] I'm dissappointed

This discussion is really removed from reality. Do a demonstration of what?
If an employer needs an employee to use a specific data base or other
program that NVDA doesn't support, the demonstration will be worthless. If
the job just involves using standard Microsoft programs, a demonstration
might accomplish something but many employers have specific programs they
will allow and they won't allow others. If you can find out in advance what
programs are being used and that NVDA supports all those programs and if the
employer will allow you to demonstrate, fine, but this discussion, as I
said, is so removed from reality that it amounts to just emotional
boosterism and that, if applied injudiciously will harm the reputation of
NVDA, not help it.


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From: David Moore <>

Sent: Friday, December 22, 2017 4:49 PM


Subject: Re: [nvda] I'm dissappointed

You like wise, Rosemarie!

David Moore

Somehow, we have to go to employers and do a demonstration of NVDA right
there. I don’t know if they would let any person do that, or do they have to
be from an organization.

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From: Rosemarie Chavarria <>
Sent: Friday, December 22, 2017 5:44 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] I'm dissappointed

Hi, David,

I see where you're coming from. I think if more employers would give NVDA a
chance, they could save a lot of money that they could be using to update
things like Microsoft office. If I had a job, I'd insist on using NVDA.

Merry Christmas to you and Traci.


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Sent: Friday, December 22, 2017 1:47 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] I'm dissappointed

Hi all!

I have been using NVDA 80 percent of the time since 2015.

I can access a lot more controls on web pages, access TV Streaming web
sites, use YouTube like a breeze, and a lot more.

NVDA can access the Win10 universal apps much better than the shark LOL!

I only use the Shark a few times a month to do some very specific tasks.

I want to emphasize that I cannot access a lot with the shark that I can
access with NVDA. I have talked to many people about NVDA, and I have helped
a few people use NVDA part of the time.

It is so hard to get people to install the add ons. So many are so stubborn
and say they want to use a screen reader that has everything built in,
instead of having to hunt all over the place for add ons.

I give them the web sites to find all of them, but they just go back to
using the Shark, which really cannot access Edge at all yet, NVDA does much
better in Google apps, like Google Docs, sheets, and forms.

NVDA works great in Edge. I can do what I need to do with Edge using NVDA.
NVDA is so simple to install, it does not leave footprints all over your
computer, it installs in a minute or so. The shark takes 15 minutes for me,
NVDA is more stable than the later versions of the Shark, Audio ducking does
not work in the Shark, NVDA keeps up much better with changes in Windows, I
use many Win10 apps with NVDA, and on and on.

The word is getting out, though, because everyone I talk to who uses the
Shark, says that they have heard of NVDA and know someone who uses it.

We really need to get NVDA to employers, so they can see just how great it
is for work as well as at home.

NVDA really can enable someone to do their job in the work place. It is
easier, because NVDA would install on their computer systems, I would think,
better than the Shark. Somehow, we need to let state rehabilitation
agencies, employers, the government, know just how great NVDA is.

VFO constantly goes around the country and shows off the Shark to employers,
state agencies, and many professional organizations.

Somehow, we need to find out how we can have many NVDA conventions around
the world where NVDA is being demonstrated to high up people and all kinds
of professionals.

That is where VFO has the upper hand.

We need to get the word out about just how NVDA really could enable people
to do their professional job, and not just use it at home.

Merry Christmas all, and have a special time with family and friends.


David Moore

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From: Sarah k Alawami <>
Sent: Friday, December 22, 2017 4:14 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] I'm dissappointed

I dropped the shark in 2010 April. I have not looked back since. I've tried
to convince my co workers at my job to use nvda but they say that the shark
is better because nvda was not meant fo the work place. Um? Huh? No? I use
nvda at my work to do stuff all the time. True it's an at home thing, but

Take care all and have a happy Friday

On Dec 22, 2017, at 12:26 PM, Gerardo Corripio <> wrote:

Yes I've used NVDA as my main screen reader since January2015, and it's
coming along! I really like the fact that apart from having to buy
Vocalizer, Eloquence o or other voices specifically made for it (it's
definitely a lot more cheaper than the other screen reader, with each
symthesizer costing an average USD$100 versus the nearly USD$800 and upwards
of the others); NVDA updates when it has to without having to worry of the
SMA, via AddOns, we CAN adapt NVDA to our usage/liking/personality.. So NVDA
keep up the great work! and let's continue helping spreading the word out!

El 22/12/2017 a las 12:40 p.m., Angela Delicata escribió:

+1000! I wish I know it before: I am really happy with nvda; it is a
wonderful screen reader.

If we think all they ask is a donation and they give us such a wonderful
product... Isn't it fantastic?

Happy vacation to all.


Angela from Italy

Il 22/12/2017 19:12, Sky Mundell ha scritto:

I totally agree with you. Lets all promote the use of this terrific

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Subject: [nvda] I'm dissappointed

Hi all. FYI the Webame survey 7 results out out. It’s a mixed bag. I’m
dissappoited in NVDA useage. Its at 31.9 percent and that other screen
reader I won’t talk about anymore is at 46 percent. All I’ll say is this.
Spread the word about NVDA. I know a lot of you have adopted the use of it
over the past year now that WINEyes is dead. Also if you can send NV Access
a donation.

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