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Yes already done. What is the split if you do it by continent, IE is it ahead in India?
The other thing to bear in mind is that the average user does not actually do surveys, and the average user at home is probably where nvda is being or used a lot. As you have seen there are issues with system admins in companies who feel the open source platform is a risk ie you get what you pay for security wise. Of course they are wrong to think this way, but just like trying to get an employer to employ any blind person there are always reasons not to use software or employ people.

I'm past that now, but have encountered the problems even with well known software like Dolphins.

So surveys only survey those who do surveys, and that is a subset of users.
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Hi all. FYI the Webame survey 7 results out out. It’s a mixed bag. I’m dissappoited in NVDA useage. Its at 31.9 percent and that other screen reader I won’t talk about anymore is at 46 percent. All I’ll say is this. Spread the word about NVDA. I know a lot of you have adopted the use of it over the past year now that WINEyes is dead. Also if you can send NV Access a donation.

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