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You should listen to anything related to NVDA dude encluding what Joseph produces. I'm a user just as much as you are, but their some thing I've learned through Joseph etc. that have helped me out loads.

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I concur. I  firmly believe that NVDA can do most, if not all, the things more expensive programs can do. With some very rare exceptions. There are still some apps that require jfw with specific scripts to be usable, but as time goes on those apps will dwindle until there are none left. But for 99 percent of people, NVDA can work for them, either alone or in combination with narrator, which has gotten quite good. I don’t really set much store by such presentations, as the few I’ve bothered to listen to gloss over the free options as if they’re not there, are not worth mentioning or aren’t good enough. This applies to NVDA as well as open source operating systems like Linux. I have not listened to the presentation people are talking about, so I don’t want to ruffle any feathers, but as a rule I don’t listen to them. They tend to unilaterally insist that only the paid apps are worth using. Except for the NVDA podcasts. Those are great, although I don’t follow those either. I’m just a user. I use NVDA on a daily basis and have found very little that it can’t do. If it can’t navigate an app by the usual methods, tab, shift tab, arrows, then it can by either touch, if you have a touch screen or object navigation.Even when I was using Linux full time I would keep up with NVDA’s progress, and NVDA is what eventually brought me back to using windows again.


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I think that NVDA is just as good or better than any other screen
reader.  I think the issue for businesses is the fact that NVDA is open
source thus in their minds less secure.

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