Re: I'm dissappointed

Giles Turnbull

I was trained on The Fish when I lost my sight in America in 2008. I initially found a torrent copy of it but when I found NVDA in 2012 I switched to it, uninstalled the Fishy and have been pure NVDA ever since. As I returned to the UK I was stunned that my local blindness centre had never heard of NVDA, so I gave my mobility instructor a copy on a thumb drive to try out ... I've no idea whether she ever did.

Any time I write a magazine article about blindness, I always  mention that I use NVDA. When I do a poetry event I alternate poems that I've memorised with ones I use NVDA to perform. At the end of the last NVDA poem I have a short piece that Hazel (the voice I select for performances) speaks to the audience, in which she says she's a voice made by Microsoft and is being used with a piece of software called NVDA, which stands for Non-Visual Desktop Access ... and then she says a little about what NVDA does. Usually Hazel gets her own round of applause at the end of that speech :)

I'm returning to university next year and await with interest how receptive they will be to me running NVDA off a portable copy. Some university firewalls can be stubborn about refusing user-activated exe files ... I'll dig my heels (or Hazel's heels) in and kick up a kerfuffle if I have to :)

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