Re: I'm dissappointed


Well nvda  does not use a traditional support line, the email list is support for most part.

I think there is a toll call service in australia that the devs run which you can buy, all reader groups have a trained tech support call centre, we have mike and maybe other devs doing support but its not a full support group.

Being that this is opensource and not payed for like jaws I am not sure how we can fix this shortfall.

Technically I guess we can have groups on skype and or whats app for nvda support but you really need someone to pick up that phone and dial support.

Here is the thing, a number of  devs and a few are payed but most of us are not.

Having used jaws, and dolphin products while I have needed support for most of my comercial product use its never been that much and email has been most of it but if I need a responce the phone is always the best especially if the computer does not work right.

On 24/12/2017 4:43 a.m., wrote:
I am a teacher of students with visual impairments. One of my students is learning to use a screen reader and I decided to adopt NVDA. Tireless hours training have been spent training myself through videos, websites, youtubes, etc. I started training my student and implementing it with his school work. We have found what works one day does not always work the next day. What has been frustrating is how difficult it is to get tech support for NVDA on the spot as we sometimes need in the educational setting. We have very limited hours in a school day to complete our training and work with students with visual impairments. Their curriculum extends beyond the core curriculum as we all know and efficiency with support is critical. I am starting to use JAWS with my student and it has been seemless and working well. I really want to adopt NVDA but it has been very frustrating. We teach our students to brainstorm and contact tech support when needed but NVDA does not make it easy for our students to do this. Our students are the future of NVDA as future screen readers. Thoughts?

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