Golden Cursor 2.0: Christmas snapshot, backwards incompatible file format, add-on settings, release date


Dear NVDA community,


First, Merry Christmas (for those of us celebrating it).


Few important announcements regarding Golden Cursor version 2.0:


  • Development snapshot: The Christmas snapshot is now available. If you want to test this snapshot, go to, select Golden Cursor and go to development version link. Once you install this snapshot, you CANNOT go back to version 1.4 or earlier snapshots.
  • Backwards incompatible: version 2.0 introduces a new way to store mouse hotspots. The new file format is similar in appearance to .ini files and can be opened as such. Internally, Golden Cursor will use ConfigObj to open mouse hotspot (.gc) files. Also, due to this change, .gc file location has changed, and as part of upgrading to 2.0, old file format will be converted to the new format.
  • Brand-new add-on settings dialog: after installing today’s snapshot, you’ll notice a new item named “Golden Cursor” in NVDA’s Preferences menu. The new dialog will house settings for Golden Cursor add-on. At the moment it contains a checkbox to announce new mouse coordinates as you move the mouse with the keyboard, and a numeric edit field to adjust mouse movement units. The add-on settings are also ready for configuration profiles so you can use custom mouse movement units for different applications and/or situations. This also means add-on settings you set will be remembered across NVDA runs (technical: a new section named “goldenCursor” will be added to config.conf database).
  • Custom mouse movement units: you can now adjust mouse movement units between 1 and 100 pixels. For backward compatibility, when you press Windows+NVDA+C to change movement units, you can change between previous six values (1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 pixels). The new preferred way to change movement units is via the new add-on settings dialog.
  • Mouse coordinate announcement toggle: instead of saying “say pixel on/off” and playing a tone, NVDA will now say, “report new mouse coordinate on/off” and will no longer play a confirmation tone to align with other toggle commands in NVDA and other add-ons.
  • Future developments: one thing I would like to do before releasing 2.0 is change how you enter mouse coordinates when jumping to a hotspot. Instead of a single edit field, you’ll see two numeric fields so you can enter x and y coordinates separately. I haven’t forgotten about touchscreen plans.
  • 2.0 release date: if everything goes as planned, Golden Cursor 2.0 will hit the air around New Year’s Day or shortly after (for add-ons community, I’d like to request a review of this add-on, the usual one please).
  • For developers or the curious: add-on internals article for Golden Cursor is now available:


Thank you.



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