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But is a old feature. Reading the "whats new" file it was introduced in NVDA 2013.3. Personally, I awaited for that feature for many time (as I comented in other mail, I started to use NVDA at about 0.5) and I used it on the snapshots first... I never understood why NVDA has it disabled by default, but is one think that I enable first when I install NVDA.



El 23/12/2017 a las 20:26, Rui Fontes escribió:
Never tested that way!

It is a very good feature not communicated to the users!


Às 23:21 de 23/12/2017, Gene escreveu:
I found the setting.  I almost never do anything in that dialog and I didn't know about it.  You don't use left and right arrow, you use up and down arrow, the same keys you would use normally to move up and down a line.
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Joseph, I think she was refering to the possibility of pressing
LeftArrow or RightArrow to go back or forward one line, phrase or
paragraph during continuous reading...Unfortunately that is not yet
possible in NVDA...

Às 23:01 de 23/12/2017, Joseph Lee escreveu:
 > Hi,
 > One of them is already here. In fact, you’ll find it in NVDA’s keyboard
 > settings dialog.
 > Cheers,
 > Joseph
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 > I really agree with you about the inability to move backwards or
 > forwards a line at a time when continuous reading is invoked. I really
 > really miss that feature a lot coming from window eyes as I have.
 > Mary
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 >     You can't label graphics, you can't create frames and there is no
 >     adjustment of the screen echo.  There is also no way to skip baqck
 >     and forward by line when the screen echo is set to all or when using
 >     read to end and have speech continue.  If these abilities were
 > present, as far as I know, that would make NVDA as user configurable
 >     as JAWS and Window-eyes. These are important lacks in NVDA.
 > Gene
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 >     This is not correct. NVDA is well adjustable, even much easier than
 >     jaws.
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 >         You can't do what I could do when I used Pine with a shell
 >         account a long time ago.  I didn't need to create any frames or
 >         scripts.  All I had to do was set the screen echo of JAWS to
 >         all, open a message, and then use the jaws skip line wile
 >         reading feature, right shift, to very quickly jump to the start
 >         of the message body.  Even if NVDA reads such material when it
 >         appears on screen, you either listen to everything or nothing
 >         and use the tedious read by line screen review option.  Hardly a
 >         convenient or reasonable way to go through thirty e-mails.
 >         Like it or not, NVDA isn't user definable.  You can't label
 >         graphics and you can't create frames.  These are serious
 >         deficiencies even if many of us don't need such options.
 >         And you can't set the screen echo to all and then do what I did,
 >         as I described.  This may be an important ability for some users.
 >         Gene
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 >         Hi
 >         I concur. I  firmly believe that NVDA can do most, if not all,
 >         the things more expensive programs can do. With some very rare
 >         exceptions. There are still some apps that require jfw with
 >         specific scripts to be usable, but as time goes on those apps
 >         will dwindle until there are none left. But for 99 percent of
 >         people, NVDA can work for them, either alone or in combination
 >         with narrator, which has gotten quite good. I don’t really set
 >         much store by such presentations, as the few I’ve bothered to
 >         listen to gloss over the free options as if they’re not there,
 >         are not worth mentioning or aren’t good enough. This applies to
 >         NVDA as well as open source operating systems like Linux. I have
 >         not listened to the presentation people are talking about, so I
 >         don’t want to ruffle any feathers, but as a rule I don’t listen
 >         to them. They tend to unilaterally insist that only the paid
 >         apps are worth using. Except for the NVDA podcasts. Those are
 >         great, although I don’t follow those either. I’m just a user. I
 >         use NVDA on a daily basis and have found very little that it
 >         can’t do. If it can’t navigate an app by the usual methods, tab,
 >         shift tab, arrows, then it can by either touch, if you have a
 >         touch screen or object navigation.Even when I was using Linux
 >         full time I would keep up with NVDA’s progress, and NVDA is what
 >         eventually brought me back to using windows again.
 >         Thanks
 >         Kendell Clark
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 >         I think that NVDA is just as good or better than any other screen
 >         reader.  I think the issue for businesses is the fact that NVDA
 >         is open
 >         source thus in their minds less secure.

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