important! Windows 10 doesn't allow fat 32 formatting for flash drives for the moment

Hi all

This is just a warning, nothing earth shattering. I discovered after unwrapping a new 64 gb flash drive for use with my nnls talking book player that windows 10 version 1709, all updates installed, only has the XFat, and ntfs options available when formatting the drive. The digital player can read neither of these file systems. I’ve submitted feedback to ms asking for fat32 to be restored but who knows if it will happen. This is a problem because unless the dp’s firmware is updated, extremely unlikely, people who use windows 10 won’t be able to format new flash drives or reformat old ones without using another program, which I’m sure exist. They won’t be able to do it out of the box unless ms restores the functionality.  This seems to only apply to flash drives. External hard drives have only the ntfs option. I’m posting hear because I’m not subscribed to the baard talk list any longer. Sorry if it’s off topic, but I wanted to let everyone know so others can jump on this or provide workarounds if needed. Right now I have a 32 gb flash drive I can use.



Kendell Clark



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