Re: Tech support: a possible training session during NVDACon 2018


Hello Joseph:

    NV Access already offers a training module on using NVDA.

    Those in the community who want to help with support in using NVDA should take the course and set themselves up to do tech support agents as their time permits.

    The training modules should be translated by members of the community in as many languages/tongues as possible!

    And, as always, in order to get the most out of NVDA it should be required that before coming on the list to ask questions that an understanding of the user manual take place!

    Thank You! Joseph for all your tireless work!!!

On 12/23/2017 9:14 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi all,


Before I present the following idea to NVDACon organizers, I’d like to run it through with you to gather comments before proceeding:


As some of you may know, the NVDA community holds an annual gathering of community members to discuss NVDA and its present and future. Given that NVDACon 2018 proposals might be floating around the community (hopefully by early next year), coupled with recent tech support discussions, I was wondering if I should hold a training session during that gathering that goes over basics of tech support. Topics may include user-centric questions, troubleshooting steps, how to read NVDA log and what not.


Comments are welcome.



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