Re: nvda with all addons built in

sampath raj rao

Hi, why can't NVDA be designed in such a way that it checks the OS
version and the apps installed in the system and instal the required
add ons automatically or notify us to accept or deny to install addons
for the apps installed in our system... I suggest this as there may be
people who may have no much knowledge on addons and their
functionality like me and may not know which one to instal for which
app or so... Hope not all of us are techy and automatic notification
as and when a new addon is available and if it suits an app in our
system can be notified and installed may be helpful than we manually
search for an apt addon...

On 12/23/17, Don H <> wrote:
I do think that addon's are the way to go when it comes to adding
functionality to NVDA. Much easier to creat a addon versus adding the
code to the NVDA code itself.
Maybe the powers to be should determine which addon's should be
installed automatically when someone installs NVDA. This is the
approach that GW and Window Eyes took and I think it served the users well.
NVDA users can then go to the web site to install other addon's that may
fit their needs.

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