Re: important! Windows 10 doesn't allow fat 32 formatting for flash drives for the moment


I agree  about players providing their own software. They could simply auto format flash drives on insertion, with a prompt of course. The problem with the companies providing their own software though is that they would almost certainly limit that software to the operating systems they perceive as popular, meaning windows and possibly mac. They would probably have an app for your smart device. That’s great except then every company which manufactures players would have their own app for their own players, resulting in multiples of the same app by different companies which all do the same thing. Better to have an open source app which multiple companies support if they’re going to go that route. Put it on git hub or something, and have it buildable on whatever OS you use. Pre built ones for windows, mac and maybe Linux as well, and app packages for android and IOS, just to cover all the bases. They wouldn’t even have to support it directly, just work together to develop it then give it to the community, with maybe an email address for help.


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Shaun Everiss <sm.everiss@...> wrote:
> You know I really think talking book players should either support
> formatting their drives or actually supporting ntfs or reformatting to
> their own format and have software able to do it.

NTFS is harder on flash memory than fat 32. That's why you almost never get flash drives in NTFS, unless they are really large ones like 128 gb and up.
The reason NTFS is harder on flash drives is because these things only have a limited number of writes. NTFS is a journalling file system, meaning it writes to the media more often than would happen as fat 32.
In addition, NTFS supports permissions, which is often not applicable for flash drives. File permissions could actually create problems on those when you transfer them between computers.
The only time you might want to consider formatting a flash drive as NTFS is if you are going to copy a file more than 4gb in size to the drive.

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