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Yes indeed, I found however here, a shortage of people who had the time to teach this part of the process, and as you suggest had to make up what I thought from what I recalled from older windows from the past.

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Dear all,
The 21st century 11-year-old is expected to be a proficient user of
tech, and I fulfilled that expectancy at that age too… until I lost
all my remaining vision and was forced to start from scratch. Allow me
to recount my experience, perhaps mirroring that of many other late
blind folks as well, of transitioning from the mouse to the keyboard,
leaving behind my favourite video games, and trying to revive visual
memories of the computer screen in a nonvisual manner. Check out the
newest issue in the Story of my Life Series on my blog Hiking Across
Horizons titled “(3) Relearning The Computer The Sightless Way”.
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P.S. While the shared blog post does not specifically pertain to NVDA,
I am certain that it will help remind us from where we came from as
screen reader users, the present situation of the adoption of NVDA in
training agencies, experiences of newbies with NVDA as their first, or
possibly second (as in my case), screen reader on Windows.

Best Regards
Bhavya Shah

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