Re: I'm dissappointed


Hi Joseph,
My expectations for tech support are all formats: email, dedicated tech support, hands on guide and youtubes. The students I am working with and teaching screen readers are generally 10 years old and up. We teach students the basics of screen readers at the younger age and also start to teach them about tech support and where to get support. We always teach them to look online for support and love you tubes. However, there are times that the online resources don't answer the questions at which point my students call a tech support number. The reality of the situations is I have usually a 30 minute block to work on screen readers so when a problem comes up I am looking for the most direct way to get an answer. Sometimes the fastest way is to have a dedicated tech support number.

The issues I have been having are around google docs and google classroom. All my schools are everything google and many times NVDA commands do not execute the way they are supposed to. For example, we are using Firefox and working on a google doc and when using the command to read all it doesn't always execute. I do have the accessibility feature turned on. The same command does work with NVDA in microsoft word. Issues like this are time consuming to figure out and spend hours at home trying different possibilities. If there was a dedicated number or  live person to speak with it might make this process more usable for teachers like myself. Screen readers are one part of what we teach our students with visual impairments during the day and it is very difficult to find time to do this work during the school day. 


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