Re: NVDA, Facebook and Outlook

Angela Delicata


One thing I would say not to come out with stating nvda does not work on FB mobile site because it is not true!

It works both with Firefox and IE! Edge is not so good, but this is with other screen reader also.

and I would say maybe it is my problem because I do not know how to use Edge.

So, I don't see any difficulty in browsing Facebook mobile with nvda.

Il 24/12/2017 14:40, Bhavya shah ha scritto:
Hi Morne,
I use NVDA extensively on with success. Could you
specify the web browser and its version being used at your end while
encountering difficulties in accessing your Messages?

On 12/24/17, Morne van der Merwe <> wrote:
Hello NVDA family,

I’m using NVDA with great success. I have 2 questions though.

I’m currently using the mobile site of Facebook on my computer. I find that
my previous screen reader reads more information than nvda on the mobile
site. For example: It is easier with my previous reader to find the message
link, while with NVDA I have to hit enter on a couple of links in order to
get to my messages. Does NVDA work well on the actual Facebook site?

Outlook: I’m using the latest version of Office. Is NVDA capable of
you how many unread emails there are? I have folders in Outlook assigned to
specific objects. I have an NVDA folder and messages related to NVDA goes
directly to that folder. With the previous screen reader I could determine
how many unread emails there are by just arrowing down through the folders.
Is that possible with NVDA?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Kind regards


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