Re: My mouse keeps freezing

Didier Colle

Hi Paul,

I have a similar problem on my work laptop (a lenovo yoga).

What is strange in my case, is that the mouse can be perfectly manipulated while the touchpad somehow seems frozen.. is that the same in your case? If so, this is probably a driver issue (although I did not have the time to check this further).

Kind regards,


On 20/12/2017 17:51, Paul O'Rahilly wrote:

I share my laptop with a sighted family member.

The synaptic pad mouse frequently freezes. This occurs intermittently,
without an obvious pattern.

This happens with NVDA and with JAWS, on both my win7 and win10 laptops.

I have ruled out a mechanical fault, and malware. This could be a
mouse driver or a registry key issue, but haven't explored these areas

Any suggestions ?

Thanks, Paul

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