Introducing Golden Cursor generation 2 #addonrelease


Ladies and gentlemen,


On behalf of NVDA add-ons community, I’m pleased to introduce to you the opening of the next frontier in mouse navigation in the form of Golden Cursor generation 2! Golden Cursor is more golden than ever before: move the mouse pointer with the arrow keys, save mouse positions for apps, and jump to specific mouse positions, all with the help from this add-on that opened up possibilities for many.


Highlights of Golden Cursor 2.0 include completely redesigned mouse positions dialog (formerly saved positions list), save add-on settings such as mouse units across sessions, ability to specify custom mouse movement units (even for different applications), a completely new way to specify mouse position when you wish to move somewhere else and more. Another key addition is Mouse Arrows mode where by pressing a specific command you can turn arrow keys into a convenient track ball (yes, you heard it right), and ability to jump to a saved mouse position straight from mouse positions list by pressing Enter key on the desired tag. Speaking of mouse positions dialog, it received a complete design overhaul, including a new look and displaying mouse coordinates for each tag. When it comes to repositioning the mouse, you can now specify positions for X and/or Y coordinates, plus you can either type the new position or use up or down arrow keys to select a position.


Note: Golden Cursor 2.0 requires NVDA 2017.3 and later. Also, due to changes made to how mouse positions are stored, .gc files from 1.x cannot be used on 2.0 and later and vice versa. If you’ve used Golden Cursor 1.4 or earlier, old positions will be migrated when you install 2.0.


The add-on can be found at:


I (Joseph Lee, the caretaker maintainer) would like to thank folks for feedback and helping out with code edits. Special thanks to a certain person named Robert who helped out with code dependencies.


Technical: for those keeping an eye on source code changes, more than 70 percent of the add-on has been rewritten.


For folks using Golden Cursor 2.0 release candidate: upgrading to 2.0 is mandatory due to migration as a result of folder location changes.





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