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Hi, I wonder if there are different versions of this program?
Also it seems that Audible now belongs to Amazon, so one supposes things might change there as well.
They keep on trying to get me to subscribe to the service here in the UK, no sign of an app, as it seems to be all going toward voice control on the echo.

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I'll forward this to the add-ons community to see if someone has any info on this.

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Hello List. I have a friend who was a long time Window-Eyes user, but he is now using NVDA due to Window-Eyes no longer being developed. There is an application he used called Audible download manager, and some of it works fine with NVDA, but he has a problem where while he is downloading a book, NVDA reads the folder path where the book is being downloaded. With Window-Eyes, however, it would tell him, "downloading, followed by the name of the book. Is there anyways for this to be corrected in a future version of NVDA?

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