Re: Issues With Number Processing or Display On Creative Labs Web Page


Yes I have that issue with a computer site in firefox.
I think what is happening is that decimal points are just not being rendered.
Ie if something says it is 30.00 it will say 3000.
if say something is 20000.44
you will get 1600044.
If the price seems to high, you may try to manually add in the points, sometimes it works well enough sometimes but more often not.
Its like some things that are for old ie and other things who knows.
But the pages are not getting their points rendered right and have been in firefox for a while now.

On 30/04/2016 8:49 a.m., Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Group,

I am wondering if anyone else is having this problem. When I visit the
below web page on the Creative Laqs site, I get oddities with the prices
for the various products. For example, many of the prices are
ridiculously high such as $16999 for a set of small portable speakers.
When examining it closely, it seems these figures are deleting a decimal
point and replacing it with the first digit after the decimal point. So
the above example should actually read $16.99. This has happened a
number of times over the years. Here is the page.

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