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Gary Metzler

Hi Gene,


Thanks for the info.


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I don't use Outlook but for all cases where I want to have speak all work correctly where it doesn't, I use the actual command.  I use that command every time I read a message in Windows Live Mail.  If I don't, perhaps because I read mail in plain text, the entire message isn't read.  I don't like the standard read all command.  I have the caps lock set as an NVDA key, so I can issue the command caps lock down arrow. 



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Subject: [nvda] outlook question


Hi All,


Yesterday I started using outlook 2016 because I can’t get my contacts synced in the mail and people apps.  I am using the latest windows 10 and nvda.  When I open a message it doesn’t always read the whole message.  I have the auto read checkbox checked.  What can I do to fix this?  Thanks for any help.   


Regards, Gary kn4ox


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